Curran & Briggs Limited will provide quality construction services, hot mix asphalt, and materials to our customers, in a safe and rewarding work environment. We will strive to provide to every customer a product that meets or exceeds required standards. We own our own equipment, apart from a few owner & operator trucks that are called on during peak periods. During the busy construction season, the payroll rises to approximately 185 employees.

Curran & Briggs welcomes the challenge and will be looking for growth for the company, in the future.

Put the safety of our employees and the public first.

Continue as an ethical company, and enhance opportunities for future generations of owners and employees.

Ensure our customers satisfaction by meeting and / or exceeding the quality specified.

Create and maintain professional business relationships, built on trust and mutual respect, with you our valued customer.

Treat all employees fairly, maintain a system which encourages and rewards performance.

Improve our construction processes on the jobsite and create an environment where work at the crew level is focused and supported by management.

Take pride of ownership in the operation and maintenance of our asphalt plant, vehicles, equipment, offices, and other facilities by holding ourselves to the highest possible standards.

Encourage and support individual employee growth and well-being through training, development and health promotion.

Instil in our employees respect for the environment by being good corporate citizens.

Our Team


Rick Kennedy, CA

VP & Project Manager

Steve Campbell

Director & Project Manager

Kerry Doucette

Estimator & Project Manager

Brian Mahoney


Benny Gallant


Scott Mahoney

Driveway Estimator

Ivan Paynter

Driveway Estimator

Scott Howatt

Safety Coordinator

Kevin Stewart

Office Manager

Mary Andrews

Company History

Curran & Briggs green and white equipment is a common sight all over Prince Edward Island (PEI). We are proud that some of our employees are third generation, which tells you how long we have been serving our customers on PEI.

In 1920, the original company, founded in Orillia, Ontario, was name was Curran & Clement after its two owners at that time. In the early 30s, Fred T. Briggs purchased the shares owned by Mr. Clement, and the company was re-named to Curran & Briggs. In 1937, Curran & Briggs opened an eastern division to fulfill contracts in Springhill, Nova Scotia and PEI. The eastern division headquarters was established in Summerside, PEI. Our our corporate head office is maintained in the same location today.

Curran & Briggs continued operations across Canada during the Second World War and was awarded the first Canadian contract on the Alaska Highway. At the same time the eastern division was busy building runways at the Summerside and Mount Pleasant, PEI, airports.

A Family Business

In 2008, Walter Riehl, who has seen many changes in the construction business during his 65 plus years on the job, had retired. The ownership of the company changed and still remains a family business as five employees joined together to purchase and take over ownership of Curran & Briggs Limited. The five employees are; Greg Bowles (Manager Advance Rentals), Brian Profitt (General Manager), Rick Kennedy (Comptroller), Steve Campbell (Project Manager / Estimator) and Kerry Doucette (Superintendent).

In January 2018 Curran & Briggs underwent another change in ownership with the retirement of Brian Profitt & Greg Bowles. Presently, the company is now owned by the three remaining partners. Today the company still consists of Curran & Briggs Limited, Tri-Mix Limited and Advance Rentals, with shops in located in Summerside and Bloomfield.

Health & Safety

At Curran & Briggs Limited, the health & safety of our employees, the public, property and the environment is of great concern to us. We have a Health, Safety & Environment Coordinator, who reports directly to the General Manager to oversee our Health, Safety & Environment Program. Our company, in conjunction with our Joint Occupational Safety & Health Committee, has developed a written Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) program which incorporates policies, training, inspections, a reporting system as well as annual safety audits to identify and correct any safety issues.

Curran & Briggs Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment wherever we conduct business. We recognize that safety is everyone’s business so that responsibility is shared from the president of the company through to our labourers on the jobsites. We recognize the employees’ duty to identify hazards and supports as well as encourages employees to play an active role in identifying, reporting, and correcting hazards as well as offering suggestions or ideas to improve our HS&E program.

Accidents are preventable and Curran & Briggs Limited strive to reach a zero accident goal!

The Environment

Curran & Briggs Limited is committed to protecting the environment and our planets natural resources. Our employees are made aware of environmental issues related to work and their responsibility in protecting the environment. We encourage our employees to constantly consider environmental impact wherever they may be.

Curran & Briggs Limited is forward thinking in meeting environmental challenges and we take all necessary steps to avoid possible environmental damage that may happen on the jobsite. We consider the environment and take measures to eliminate any environmental impact while operating and maintaining our facilities and equipment.

Curran & Briggs Limited conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner, keeping in compliance with legislation and regulations.

Join Our Team

We put the safety of our employees and the public first. At Curran & Briggs, we treat all employees fairly and maintain a system which rewards performance. We are continually looking for trained, motivated operators and labourers. Please send your resumé to admin@curranandbriggs.com.